"Republican Veterinary-sanitary and Phytosanitary Center of Laboratory
Services" SNCO State Service for Food Safety at Ministry of Agriculture of RA


The laboratory of Toxic substances control has been reconstructed and equipped by the support of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and government of Greece in 2015. The identification and quantitative determination of active substances of pesticides allowed for usage in the agriculture of the RA are carried out in this laboratory both for import and registration of pesticides. These substances must be controlled at the import, thereafter during the monitorig.

As well as the lower concentration of active substance, also the higher one is dangerous for agriculture. In the case of lower concentration the pesticide is non-effective. In case of higher concentration there is a risk for further presence as residual.

The department is well-equipped with the following devices:

High-performance liquid chromatography

Gas chromatography

Infrared spectrometer.

The training of staff and collaboration with international organizations are the integral part of our routine work.